What is Motion Array?

Motion Array is a popular stock assets membership platform offering a wide range of stock items. Its main attraction is the unlimited downloads model, which is also available with a monthly payment.

Unfortunately, we believe this drives away some of the more “premium” authors with high-quality content, as they don’t want to earn only a few cents per download (do the math from the monthly payment).

Anyone can point a camera and press some buttons, which makes stock footage and stock photos basically a commodity nowadays. It can be found on any website.

But creating stunning animation items takes time and expertise, which makes Stock Animation and Stock GIFs a unique type of stock content that nobody else offers!

At VideoPlasty, we only focus on what we do best: animation. We will never try to offer you stuff we’re not good at. For animation assets with drag & drop simplicity, we think we’re the best in town. For anything else, you can probably find it on Motion Array.

Do you wanna be like everyone else or do you want to stand out with unique content?

Let’s Look More In-Depth

Stock Categories
Stock Animation
Stock GIFs
Stock Footage (camera)
Stock Photos
Royalty-Free Music
Sound Effects
After Effects, Premiere, DaVinci, etc. templates
Drag & Drop Simplicity Animation Limited
Suitable for beginners with no animation experience Limited
Mix & Match Style
Number of items 25k 800k
Focuses on only one type of stock asset
Quality, not quantity Debatable
Pays its contributors high commissions

This data was compiled in Feb 2023.

Why VideoPlasty?

Drag & Drop Simplicity

Our items are pre-animated and ready to use, all you have to do is drag & drop them into your projects!

Animation First

Built by animators with animation in mind, we’re not here to offer you random stock videos like literally any other stock platform

Exclusive Content

We build a lot of our items in-house, so you won’t find them anywhere else online

Character Diversity

Unmatched diversity in character selection so you can find any animation assets for any project!

Simple Pricing

Monthly Credits

Affordable plan with credits that rollover after each month. Perfect to get started with!

Unlimited Downloads

No more worries about credits or paying for each item. Plus, you help support our growth!

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Stories From Our Community

“I have been looking for easy ways to animate my explainer content for an e-learning project. turns out, VideoPlasty has already animated content to get me started. so, thank you.”

Dortumor Anthony

Dortumor Anthony


“The best animation stocks website I have ever seen. This has made my animation works much easier. Kudos to the creators.”

Rishan Raheen

Rishan Raheen


“SO incredibly helpful and kind. I love what I am able to do with these animations for videos for my students.”

Moxie Anderson

Moxie Anderson

United Arab Emirates

“Loved the GIF animations that I found on VideoPlasty for my school presentation. My teacher loved it!”

Gabriela Piñeiros

Gabriela Piñeiros


“VideoPlasty has helped propel my business in ways I never imagined. I also love the variety of assets. I can't wait to see what else is in store for VideoPlasty.”

Cicely Mitchell

Cicely Mitchell

United States

“I was able to find what i needed! The quality of the animations were great and they were pivotal in helping me with a project!”

Cristian Mares

Cristian Mares


“I love how easily I can stitch these together with music and a voiceover to crank out high quality videos. I hope you keep putting these video assets out!"

Brad Gosse

Brad Gosse


“Amazing resource for anyone looking to make professional animated videos, from beginners to professionals, unlike anything I’ve seen before on other stock sites”

Gee Sanghera

Gee Sanghera

United Kingdom

“Videoplasty has huge variety of products and I found exactly what I needed for my project! A professional website with affordable prices and amazing customer support!”

Myrto Daponte

Myrto Daponte


“I liked the quality of each animation and its being on the point of what precisely the action or feeling it gives.”

Dexter Borromeo

Dexter Borromeo


“Just started trying out today and the ease of use coupled to flexibility and quality is really great. Thanks VP”

Malcom Laing

Malcom Laing


“Human, accessible, clarity, informative, helpful, reasonable prices. I just love videoPlasty’s enthusiasm. Keep up the good ethics.”




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