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The VideoPlasty API program is brand new on the market and we’re glad to announce our first industry leading partnership with Techsmith Camtasia!

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Why Partner With VideoPlasty?

Drag & Drop Simplicity

Our items are pre-animated and ready to use, all your users have to do is drag & drop into their projects


Built by animators with animation in mind, we’re not here to offer you random stock videos like literally any other stock platform

Unique Stock Categories

Stand out with a new category of stock content that you cannot get anywhere else!

Character Diversity

Unmatched diversity in character selection so your users can find any animation assets for any project!

The World’s ONLY Library of Animation Content

Anyone can point a camera and press record, which makes stock footage basically a commodity nowadays. It can be found on any website.

But creating animation items takes time and expertise, which makes Stock Animation and Stock GIFs a unique type of stock content that nobody else offers!

Do you wanna be like everyone else or do you want to stand out with unique content?

Simple Pricing

Flat Fee

Keep it simple and predictable

Unlimited Downloads

One fee, unlimited downloads from unlimited users on your application

Custom Plan

Need something else? Reach out and we’ll find a solution together!

Simple Licensing

Unlimited Use License

Commercial Projects

Royalty Free

Monetized YouTube Videos

World Wide Distribution

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the VideoPlasty API?
The VideoPlasty API gives third parties streamlined access to our stock content, making it super easy to integrate our unique animation library into your application and build a wide variety of tools.
The possibilities are endless. We provide access to our content to platforms such as stock memberships, website building, content creator, video editing or presentations.
You can test out the API for free, but in order to get full unrestricted access to all the functionalities and content, you need to be upgraded to a paid partner account.

Our standard offering is a flat fee with unlimited downloads. However, we are flexible and can provide a unique pricing based on your specific needs.
Yes, just register a developer account and you can experiment with the API and see for yourself how simple it is to use!
The VideoPlasty APi gives you unrestricted access to the same amazing and unique animation content that you see on our platform. More specifically, all the items in the Stock Animation and Stock GIFs categories.
It’s simple and straight forward! All of VideoPlasty’s content is 100% royalty-free and can be licensed for commercial use.
The VideoPlasty API program has all the standard functionalities you can find throughout the industry, such as searching, product details and licensing. For more information, please check our API documentation
Yes, you can find it here.

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